Mundungus Black

Full blood Orc of the Black Wing tribe.


6’0" Orc (somewhat short for an Orc). Well defined muscles throughout but thinner and more gaunt than most orcs.

Mundungus walks with a careful grace, but stands with a threatening posture. Like a tiger about to attack. Very rarely does he relax.

His apparel seems to bulge in strange places.

His hair is black and braided inexpertly, and is frazzled most of the time.

He has pale skin and his eyes are brown.


Mundungus was raised by humans in an exchange brought on by peace talks with humans. He is constitutionally weak and may get sick frequently, but he is strong in heart and fast with his fingers. One day he dreams he will claim his birthright to his father’s tribe to which he is rightfully the heir.

Mundungus Black

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