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  • Alton Revayne

    H.R.M. Alton Revayne was a bright visionary of a king. He had an idea for his kingdom and sought it out with a fierce dedication. He has gone down in history as one of the most kind and caring kings.

  • Caldus Revayne

    Caldus Revayne is the only son to the previous king. When his father got sick he was selected to help choose the next king. Since the crowning of H.R.M. Caldus has remained a steadfast advisor and confidant to the king.

  • Jieleth "The Eagle" Warmheart

    The headmaster of Daybreak Garden is a bit of a mystery. No one knows where he comes from, only that the previous king and headmaster both vouched for him. He has been running the Garden for almost fifteen years. Rumors swirl about him as to the nature of …

  • Gareth Solidore

    Gareth Solidore is a mountain of a man, with a heart to match. He is usually seen at the Gardens forge making repairs to various pieces of metal, teaching the students how to properly ride a mount or helping to sew the rips in the younger students clothes …

  • Alexander Coldwind

    Alexander Coldwind is a distracted teacher. He always seems to have about thirty things on his mind, which make his classes interesting. However he is enthusiastic about those who want to learn magic in all its forms. He has taught many students to study …

  • Nathaniel Wright

    Nathaniel Wright is the son of a poor shipwright. He was selected to join the Garden because of the potential he has with the arcane. He has studied voraciously and devoured knowledge about magic with a non-stop zeal. Though he focuses on magic to protect …

  • Alexander Brightmine

    Alexander Brightmine is a child of privelage. His parents are nobles in the kingdom and are high ranking members of the church. With that in mind he feels as though he is entitled to respect that he hasn't earned. As such he tends to bully the other …

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