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  • Loraatra "Seawind" Fizzlewick

    Loraatra Fizzlewick is the instructor of all the basic things adventurers should know. She teaches how to tie rope, how to select a good camp location, how to keep an eye out for various dangers, etc... She stresses repetition in order to gain perfection, …

  • Neji Longwind

    Neji fits the sterotype of "Gnomish Practical Joker" to a T. While most of her pranks are harmless and cause little more than embarassment, she has been known to push the boundaries in her jokes. She is best friends with another student, Alexander.

  • Poshment Graveborn

    Poshment Graveborn is a member of a disgraced gnome house. Many generations ago one of his ancestors sought to become a lich. Doing so tainted the bloodline and caused his family to be banished from all gnome cities. The ancestor was destroyed by …

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