Welcome to the World of Eversong. The world is filled with terrifying monsters, daring heroes, and glory enough for those willing to brave the dangers.62091cac20807c033fd8d10140a3eb68.jpg

The world of Eversong has a number of curiosities that make it unlike other worlds. All over the world are Skystones, massive floating islands, that make their home amongst the clouds. Beautiful; captivating and mysterious these giant landmasses float in a manner that has baffled intellectuals and mages alike. However a little over a thousand years ago one of the smaller skystones fell out of the sky and impacted the western coast of the continent. In one moment the western half of the continent, and all life living there, was destroyed. The oceans of the world started boiling, killing off ninety-percent of all aquatic life as well. For five hundred years mages and druids and clerics attempted to heal the scarred land and oceans with their magics, to no avail. Suddenly however it seemed as though a dam had broken and the floodwaters were let loose, when a circle of druids working to foster the growth of a tree found themselves surrounded by an ancient forest in a matter of hours. This forest, known as the Mistwood, is home to the descendants of that same druid circle, as well as many various other species. Though not particularly volatile, many people are uncomfortable making their home within the forest and as such most settlements remain on the edge.

Around two hundred years ago some of the trees from the forest were used to make a ship to sail the ocean. To their surprise as they were building they realized that the wood used from the Mistwood had the ability to float in the air, much like the skystones, thus began the age of the Airships.

Our story begins in the year 1023 AC (After Cataclysm) at Daybreak Garden, in the Kingdom of Eversong. Each of our heroes in this story are members of these gardens, which select and train the generations of heroes. This garden is nestled in the mountains on the eastern shore of the continent. The Garden itself is a veritable fortress designed to withstand assault from all sides, with escape routes through the mountain range. mountain_fortress_by_aurelii-d8v7ecl.jpg

The Gardens started almost seventy-five years ago at the behest of the previous king, Alton Revayne. He had the foresight to see an opportunity to shape his country to become better than it was. He gathered the leaders of the various guilds and shared his idea with them, and after some negotiation there was an agreement made. Each guild leader was given the task of constructing and managing the running of a garden. In total there are seven gardens scattered throughout the continent, each with their own teachers and specializations. The teachers were chosen from adventurers, sages, warlords and anyone else that the guild leaders deemed appropriate.

For nearly seventy years H.R.M. (His Royal Majesty) Alton Revayne ruled the kingdom with an even hand an unpright zeal that showed his love and dedication to the people under his care. In that time he united all of the guilds towards the common goal of a better nation, built relations and a tentative alliance with the nearby ‘civilized’ orc tribes, and oversaw the construction of one of the largest airship fleets in the world. Six years ago age finally started to catch up to him. As the end of his years approached he sought to provide the kingdom with its best chance. He appointed a number of trusted advisors to stand as a council with the express purpose of selecting the next king.

The council finally chose the next king shortly before H.R.M. passed on. The new king was the bastard son of a minor noble. The young man made a name for himself fighting in the kings army, against the savage orc tribes that raided into the kingdoms territory, or threatened their orc allies. After proving himself to be honorable and worthy of respect, the minor lord recognized his son, whom he hadn’t yet recognized given that his son was a Half-Orc.


Over the last three years H.R.M. Bragen Grimjaw has ruled with an even temper to rival that of his predecessor. Now with the graduation of Daybreak Garden looming ahead, rumor has it that he will make an appearance with a small retinue of nobles.

This is where our story begins…